Who sells rubber valve cover gaskets?


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Mar 11, 2002
I hate cork gaskets. Do any of the major TR vendors sell reusable gaskets that actually seal?

I bought the expensive FelPro ones for the 454 in my boat that have metal in the middle and rubber on both sides and I love them.

Are they available for TR's?

Yes, Fel pro makes them for our cars also. I bought a pair but haven't put them on yet, still in the trunk. Would get you the part # but the GN is in storage.
Tarey D.
I got them from a local engine rebuilder, but Pep boys carries them also. Local guy was cheaper.
Tarey D.
Got mine at Autozone. Felpro part #VS50156R....$9.99 Put C at the end instead of the R and you'll get cork.
I know the ones you are talking about. I got mine at Pep boys for $32. Well worth the money. They do not leak! Every time I get them they give me the fel pro blue silicone ones and I have to tell them that that isn’t it. Then they go back and get me the right ones.

Hi yes I agree with Lrover2 the ones at pep boys that are blue and about 30+ bucks, they work great.