Would you be willing to sell your GN/TR to fund a b00b job for your wife?

Would you be willing to sell your GN/TR to fund a b00b job for your wife?

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Drip Pan

Every Buick needs one!
Mar 27, 2005
My spouse and I recently went to a consultation for a breast lift and augmentation she would like to have done. She is 43, has had one child, is 5'5' and 106 lbs., and works out quite a bit. If you were in a similar siutation, would you be willing to sell your GN or TR to fund such an operation for your spouse, which we are being told will be $8,000? Yes, I could use some of the equity in my home; however, I have too many cars as it is. To answer the next question, I would let my GN go, not the Limited.

Thank you for any replies!
Those boobs are still connected to a woman. My car can't tell me no. I love my wife and married her for the woman she was. Plus its cheaper to go see some fake ones at the booby bar.
I agree, but this is something she's wanted for years. She has done a bunch of research and is being highly selective. Here's a pic of her taken last Saturday...BTW, she runs mid 11s in the GN. :)


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I think she looks dam fine ............but if it makes her happy

then buy her a GN....:eek: :eek:
she looks good ( no disrespect) some boob jobs can be very dangerous,
as with any surgery.
I see you live in CA so that explains everything. If you lived in MI, you would be using that $8000 to fund a stroker motor and buying your wife a wonder bra :eek: Just tell her she looks beautiful the way she is and keep the GN.
Maybe yes...BUT only if I'm the one who decides what size her new boobs are going to be!:biggrin:

Claude ;)

P.S: You can bet I'd choose huge ones!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
My ex fiance went to have a boob job and ended up losing her breast after the operation due to infection. An operation is an operation, and there are inherant risks, as such. Good luck.
Also dont forget the implants also have a "shelf life" meaning after installation, they will only last so long before they have to get replaced again to prevent any kind of "failure/leakage"
Not when I can see'um for a stout $20 covercharge then drive my GN back home to the wife with the D's.
F that. Just apply for CareCredit.com and finance interest free for 12 months and keep the TR

P.S. I work with Plastic Surgeoins
If your happy with her the way she is then why is she wanting bigger ones? Maybe she wants other men to look at her. Just a thought. Could be the beginning of future problems. I have heard a few stories where the hubby bought her new ones and then she left him.
im not married but if she wants it she can pay for it. You shouldnt dump off your car for that, if it was for home equity then thats a better reason.
Get er done

Drip pan you Love your wife very much you showed your support when you went with her to the PS's office.. You've already made your decision as a couple so just follow thru and bless your life partner. She sounds like she is a great gal , she is very attractive and has supported your hobbies and let you have your toys over the years. i'm fortunate to have just one Money Pit. You even said you have too many cars. A Good woman /wife is a Blessing from the Lord and hard to find. You can always get another GN a woman like you have is rarer the a 82 1/2 GN. Ultimately you will be the one who is intimately blessed . ;) was your wife worried/suspicious that with 2 turbo Buicks you were out lookin to pickup young babes. Don't think you need to be suspicious of your wife lookin for love in all the wrong places, unless she come out as big as Pamela Anderson. Then you'll have to whip up on the Kid Rocks and Tommy Lee's from her past.Think you trust and love her more then that. If we(my wife and I are co-owners) had 2 Turbo Buicks and that's what my wife really wanted I would definately let one go so she could get the augmentation done. She's been good to me/us and If it weren't for her love and support we as a Family(3 kids) would be lost without her. She like your wife is a good friend, wife and mother.
Payed 6000.00 back in 1997 for my wifes. she loved them .So did I and her boyfreind liked them to. And when i got divorced they went with her and the bill stayed with me. They did have to be removed about 5 months after the divorce .I dont know why they took them out.I think they were to big for her d cup.She was 5foot tall and weighed 90 lbs. They should have sent them back to me:biggrin:. If you guys get along real good and she does not have any boyfriends .what the hell its only a car. you can always get another car
It's totally up to you. I wouldn't, but then again, I only have one Buick and it's been with me thru two other marriages.:smile:

But seriously, I like to look just as much as the next guy but when it comes to hands on, I like em just the way God made em. I have just as much fun with fried eggs as I do with melons. No plastic for me.

I won't even try to go into the reasons why women should or shouldn't. It's an unwinnable debate and people want what they want. I have seen where women have done things to improve their image and then went wild. Not saying that your wife would do that. If your okay with how she is now make sure that she knows it but also make sure that she knows you support her and what she wants is important. If nothing else will do and you have the power to make her happy then I'm sure she deserves it.
She looks fine just the way she is, no reason to take chances on bad surgery or complications from it that's not needed.

Keep the car and be happy.