Your First car you bought out of High School

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New Topic......

Based on readership I think its safe to assume most readers are younger than myself so cars purchased will probably be of a newer variety.

Lets hear about the very first car you bought with your OWN money after you got out of high school. Give the year also you got out of high school.

Here is my quick story:

Year 1965 basically the very start of what is considered the first big wave of US muscle cars. My senior year I had two cars a 1950 Ford sedan as a back up and a 1956 Crown Victoria Ford. (A very desireable model today). Like most car crazed kids at that time I wanted a Corvette badly. Every sunday going to Church we would pass Purcell Motors which was a used car dealership and they always had a front line of used Corvettes.

The tough part was coming up with a deposit and convincing my Dad who like many Dads visualized cars as mere transportation. I sold my Crown Vic to a friend for a mere $500. The Corvette I wanted was a 1961 3-speed manual shift car. The price was $1,700.

I convinced my Dad and that summer fresh out of high school I had my first Corvette. The honeymoon was short I had no college plans, was in good health, and Vietnam was in full swing. By fall the honeymoon was over I enlisted to beat the draft and sold my Corvette to a small local used car dealership thinking I would not be able to keep up the payments.

Jump forward 3 years......I was at the nearby Yum Yums (Donut shop) one nite and a guy pulls in driving my old Corvette with a sale sign in it. He only wanted $900 for it. At the time I just did not have the funds to buy it back. Hard to believe it was that long ago now.
84 chrysler laser turbo..I was 16 got it for $50 bucks and drove it home..cause the guy who owned it lived in my grannys basement and died of pneumonia...His brother wanted the car but couldnt get it to run...He was out in the snow for 3 hours and finally decided to let me have the car he just wanted the $50 he spent on the new battery back..I was trying not to laugh when he handed me the title..After he left i removed the battery cables took the plastic covers off of the battery posts reinstalled the cables started it up and drove it home!!!! :biggrin:
well graduating from hs in 02 i bought a 97 v6 mustang. After blowing the motor 8 months later i decided if i blow another motor it will be with reason. So i had a motor build with forged internals and ported heads. Purchased some other go fast parts including a turbo kit (pt61 turbo).Well 8 years and several bills later she runs 10s while letting off at the 1k' mark, running out of fuel and turbo.
My final mods for the car will be a 71hpq billet turbo and upgraded fuel system. I plan to run 9 with a bone stock suspension. Its no longer my dd but i still like taking her out for a beating every once in a while.
Ive stepped up in class with a 88 thunderbird turbo coupe for a dd. Ive been on a real 80s car kick lately! Im rambling.....
still looking for a gn though.....
well. first car paid with my own money, 86 chevy celebrity wagon, $800, 2 years of paying my dad lol, then it blew up. he bought me a 92 or 93 skylark (which one had the SOHC engine?) as a college gift, then i traded it in for a 79 delta 88 in NY....that one rusted using my life savings or some such, an old trust fund set up in my name back then, we bought a 94 Ciera wagon, I loved that thing....5 years later it cracked its block..whoops. then I bought a 92 gp, traded it for a 93 buick century wagon 8 months later because the GP did worse MPG...*18 on a good day* the century wagon lasted me bout a good 10 months or so, before i overheated it by having too much junk in the back and going uphill on a 5 percent plane (mountains) in the middle of the summer day in 2009....despite trying to fix it, parents donated it.
now, the 83 ciera, $300 of my own cash. best damn deal. still running for the last 3 months *knocks on all the wood i have lol* still looking for a G body or saving up for a buick engined car so i can build it :D
'66 Chevy Bel Air. Got it from my Godfather for $1 and that's all it was worth. Rusty and needing all kinds of repairs. I did what I could and learned on it. Sold it to Little6pack for $30 and he painted it battleship grey with rattle cans. Sold it for $50. Always a deal maker.:biggrin:
old indian

1973 grand am payed 100 for it 400 4 bar had vy little rot 342 posi thing would drop mad rubber and had good size back seat :D good times 1985
My very first car was a 1984 Grand National.

I was looking for a Monte Carlo SS however when a friend close to me showed up with the 1984 GN I was hooked. After ALOT of working and saving I ended up buying the car at 15. It sat in the garage for a few years until I got my drivers license. I did a ton of modifications and it was extremely reliable until a Church van decided to turn in-front of me. Driving a GN in highschool was a blast!


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79 Omni 4 door (oh yeah) bought it for $1800 from my dad. That was 1985, traded it 8 months later for a brand new Shelby Charger turbo. Thats when new cars only cost 10K!
1988 Dodge Daytona with the CS package. It had a 2.2 Liter non intercooled engine. 146hp. Poor car took a beating from the 19 year old version of myself.
Had 3 before I ever left high school. 1976 Mustang II was the first and then 2 Chevy Monzas. One a bottom of the line 4cyl/5-speed/3.42 and a 2+2 V8/auto/2.73posi.
As a boy I loved smokey and the bandit.
However I could not find a TA when I was ready to buy. I ended up getting a 79 z28 camaro.
It had 180hp and a non posi rear. It was terrible, but I really had some fun with it.
1967 GTO 400 4 barrel 335HP. It was listed in the Baltimore Sun paper for $2200. I ended up getting it for $1800. Artic white, black top, & White interior. Dual gate his & her shifter. Ralley gauges.
I think I ended up putting about $3500 into that car in 1 year.
Joined the work force & realized it wasn't for daily driving. Sold it for $1800 a year later. (1986)

I ended up buying & selling alot of older GTO's after that. I was addicted as bad to them as I am Buicks now.


Checked on the same car back in 06 before I bought 2 new 06 GTO's,The 67 was over $30k!!!

Dennis just a little ego trip for you.;) When I started dealing with Buick's & getting out of GTO's Wayne Garrison said don't even bother leaving the Pontiac's. Dennis Kirban Has the Buick Market sewn up!

Flash forward a few years later.

I bumped into Wayne in 06 at a Pontiac event at a Dealership when I was picking up my 06 SLP GTO.
I explained Dennis left a little bit of the market open for me to survive. :D
graduated 97'. spent a $1000 on a 1968 camaro, got it running overnight, got it painted 2 months later. loved that car, wish i wouldve kept it. didnt know theyd be worth so much nowadays. i still see the guy i sold it too, they offered him 30 grand for it. i sold it for 10 back in 99'.
While in HS(1988) I bought my dad's 72' Buick GS 350 off him which he bought used in 74'.
Saved up $2k to get the body work and paint done(Stratomist blue)
Looked and sounded awsome(cherry bombs:biggrin) Just to have some A-hole plow into the back of it doing 45mph while it was parked on the side of the road a year later:mad::mad:
That car got me hooked on Buicks!

Not mine but looked exactly like this one


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Drove a 66 Mustang, 289CID/271HP, 4 speed, paid $900 in 1970 for it.

Graduated in 1972, then in 1974, I purchased a 1970 Mercury Cyclone, 429 CID gas guzzler, I think it cost me $2400 at the time:

Been sniffin' exhaust fumes ever since.
First car I bought "out" of high school was a 1987 Mustang GT. I have told this story many times so I will keep it short not to bore the readers.

Was running main one night and a good friend of mine pulled up beside me in a black regal, and kep nodding to go......

I was laughing inside and thought wtf is he thinking cause he had ridden in my GT :wink:

Well I finally decided to ablige him at the last light and when the light turned greean I jumoed ahead of him and then all of the suudden WHOOOOSSHHHHHHH he went by me like I pulled the emergency brake :eek:

Needless to say later that summer the stang was gone and I was on the hunt.

Since then I have owned 5 GN's all under 20k miles bone stock, and 1 TTA with 19k on the clock when I picked it up.

Now its time to get one to play with someday soon:biggrin:
I drove my last highschool vehicle for 5 years and 150,000 miles before finally getting a newer ride. But my next ride was a very well kept, 50k-mile black 1993 GMC Typhoon.

(Not mine, but looked like this minus the windshield banner)


Loved that thing. The dead-stop accelaration was awesome! Brake boost it and it would rocket from a red light. And most people just thought it was a Blazer with a body kit.