11 second recipe


Oct 22, 2001
I have 87 GN..Basicly stock exept for mild head porting, a 2800 rpm stall converter , DOTs slicks and 125 hp nitrous oxide. I am in the process of obtaining 50 lbs injectors, 3 inch maf sensor w/ translator plus, power plate and alky system.
Would this recipe take me to 11's if not does anyone have a recipe that would take me to high 10's low 11's without breaking the bank.

Thanks for any information
with slicks, race gas, race chip, some stock cars reach the 11's

if you get a larger turbo, you could do it with out the nos
recipe that would take me to high 10's low 11's without breaking the bank.
no nos-
better than breaking the crank
I played with the NOS for awhile....It SUCKED!

One good backfire and it can cost you a bunch. Try not to use it after 10psi. Use a hobbes switch to make sure of that. After 10psi you can really break things if your car is not tuned perfect. Anything more then a 75hp shot is a roll of the dice, IMO. Sell the NOS and put the cash towards a turbo. Bryan has a turbo for sale that is perfect for your goals.
in case ya dont read the other 3 posts about runnin in the 12s an 11s :)

Melissa's car
dual 3" exhaust an crummy 3" downpipe to the stock crappy elbow
K&N ( stuck in that HOT eng compartment)
LU switch (waste of money )
old recaps

12.7s @ 108

shift kit
better fuel pumps
switched to Nitto's
race gas (still runnin a street chip...ya I know that doesnt work eithier )

11.5s @ 118 in street trim....

she also has a
boost gauge

now I am sure there are lots of other ways to do it!!!
her Mothers car is set up allmost like her's 11.7s @ 118

on the NOS
IF YOU RUN IT LIKE NOS TELLS YOU YOU WONT HURT THE CAR AN IT WILL GO LOW 12S TO HIGH 11S...we ran juice for years (2-3 bottles a week in the summer....the good ol days :p )