15x12s with a stock wheel well and frame notch

what do you guys think? im torn, dont know if i like it or not.

thats a 28x10.5 et drag. non w.




and this is my father sitting on the bumper to see what it looks like lowered about 1"


be honest. let me know what your thoughts are.
im in the process of finding a 29x10.5w also to try. maybe that will make things better.
or i may try lowering the car. my friends seem to think that the tire to fender gap is what is making it look goofy.
I think my old car looks good with the 12'' wheel on it. You need to beadlock and stretch a 26x8.5 on them.
I've seen a few sets at a buddies shop and they do look gooffy as hell.I think your car looks good like that. I have been working on my new ta motor and trying to get ready for some local 8.5 tire racing this year. Maybe a tso race if I have enough time.
Lmao! Is that even possible?
Im going to work on this. Between tire size and ride height, ill get it to work.

How's everything been with u?
I like the second set of pics a lot better.
I have run a 15 x 10 4.5 BS for many years and love the look.
Currently they hold 275 60 15 bald Nitto drag radials. I never got decent traction on the street with them and decided to try something a little bigger. A set of 295 55 15 M/T ET Street drag radials were delivered yesterday so I'm anxious to get them on.
The 10" is wide enough but I still like the way a 12" wheel looks. The key is getting the fender all the way down on the tire. Any gap and it looks like a 4x4. lol