1st event (and win!) of the season


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Hey guys,

This was two weekends ago but just getting around to getting the video up. There was only me and an '05 Mustang running in my class today. I made the first run and my shifter cable snapped backing into my spot. I missed my other 3 runs screwing with the cable, but the Mustang never beat me in his 4 runs! I beat him by 2.2 seconds...not bad for the first run of the year!

Check it out:
Way to go Mike!

Pretty impressive considering it was your first run of the day still trying to figure out the course and that Mustang still couldn't beat you with his all 4 runs! See we can beat them at the drag strip AND Autox! ;) Things will change for the better once those new coil overs are installed too! When you have them installed and ready to dial them in give me a call and we will help you get the settings dialed in....

BTW: That "Farting" noise is terrible half way through your video.....LOL

PS: Our windshield banner is on on the way ! (y)
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Haha yeah I think that fart noise was the Ariel Atom I think. It was crazy loud! I'm excited for the banner and to finish the coil overs, I will call you as soon as they are installed.


Currently using the Detroit Speed shocks and springs, all the frame braces, and stock everything else! I am running BFG Rival tires too which help big time, even though it's a less than desirable size on stock T Type rims. Still surprises plenty of people!
Nice run! Congrats.

What class do you end up in?
Wow, that looks like a HUGE lot. Who puts on the events and where is it?
Thanks! I run E Street Prepared in the SCCA classing. That lot is outside the Texas Motor Speedway so there is plenty of real estate! SCCA Texas Region runs these events, it's a pretty big turnout every month with around 160 cars average!
Actually I just saw what video this was, this is a high school parking lot we used for one event. Most of them are at Texas Motor Speedway though!
You will love them! They really are awesome, and mine are tiny. Those in a nice size should be great!