2012 XTSM Points Racers Sign in

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Where are all the guys that said they were gonna run if the stage motors were allowed??
Umm... i would say the 8.83 is part of the reason.... different rules same result. Jason dont take this wrong you deffinatly have done your homework..... maybe too good. But making you faster was not the answer...IMHO

I recently got this in an email. Never saw it posted on this thread though. The rules changes had nothing to do with me or my car. It was an attempt to level the playing field for the 109 blocks vs the stage blocks. The weights are not set in stone. I truely believe that the stage engines are an advantage, How much?, I don't know until someone actually steps up and runs one.

People really don't understand that anyone can do what I've done with my car. There are no special parts. If everyone is scared to move forward I'm willing to run at 3550 lbs just like I always have. My car is still legal to the rules from years ago. I didn't spend anymore money on my car to meet the new rules in the last few years, I just kept tweaking with what I have. I don't have all the bells and whistles that are currently allowed now yet you don't see me complaining. I've stepped up to try to increase participation in this class to give us all an opportunity to have some fun. Allow more combos which allow more competition and more excitement.

If you don't give some breaks to the iron headed guys you will have fallout, if you don't give some breaks to 109 block guys you will have fall out...

To put it bluntly, some people would rather complain and bitch instead of actually compete and enjoy their sport.

I choose to move forward with the rules like they are and make adjustments to keep it as fair as we can.

IF there are enough actual "racers" willing we can adjust the weights.

I will try and make as many races as I can. Trying to finish up the new car just have not had much time to work on it with all the engine builds I been doing.
Jason, you can put me down for BG, right now thats the only race I can guarantee I will make. I plan on trying to make a couple others but right now I don't know which ones. A good bit of my racing budget will be going to purchasing lightweight parts to try to get closer to the new minimum weight, I don't have any ballast I can remove & I sure don't want to show up to a race 150lbs overweight. I'll let you know as soon as I figure out which other races we can make.

Im having some possible Job issues right now is the reason I havn't comitted but HOPE to make Raceday,BPG,and BG with my cheap built Redneck 109.Will let you know as soon as I do
Hope evrything goes good for you Bobby ,if this REDNECK can help just let me know hope you get to race some this year .

Hey John p how evrything goin buddy ?
After seriously looking at what needs to change to switch to a 3 bolt turbo and whether or not to keep the alcohol injection, I decided to stick with what has been working for me for another season. Good luck to the rest of you.
from the perspective of an event organizer and have been following this thread my view and I am sure that sponsors are looking at this and thinking...Why should I (business) contribute to an event when they cannot get 8 cars to make the field. I (business) want my sponsorship monies to go towards a class with participation. Maybe thats why the 10.5 races are becoming more popular and more people try for the q-16 at events. I know it is still early in the season and people are still wrenching but from a promoters point of view when the BPG only has 3 racers committed for a 2 day event $360.00 in entrances fees do not make a $500 / $250 payout worth having the class. Now I know there are the crew that comes in so say 3 per each racer that's $225 so that comes to $585 thru the gate for a $750 payout...just something to think about...and the BPG will still host the point series race and the more that attend the bigger the payout...but we cannot guarantee big money if no one shows up
How strict is tech at Norwalk for the Buick Race Day? I'm all good except for a tranny shield.
Cool, I'm not trying to cut corners on safety, but I'm running out of money and time. I'm good on everything but a shield, I plan on getting one before columbus. Have to get a license too.