24 Hours of Lemons @ Houston MSR


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Was anyone from here at this race? I saw a gray golf cart with power 6 emblems, T-Type badge and the 3.8 Liter SFI badge on the rear.

On Saturday we held on to the 2-4th position the entire day pitting twice for fuel and driver change. We had an issue with either ignition cut out or fuel cut out when the car made left turns. We will get this worked out before the June race in New Orleans. We have video of a 1989 Honda Civic Wag-o-Van (our car) passing the two 5.0 mustangs several times. They killed us in the straights, but once we hit the twisties they fell behind.

The next race is 55 miles southwest of New Orleans at No Problem Raceway on June 6-7. There's a Lemons drag race on that Saturday night to. I'm bringing the regal as a "ringer".

If you have not seen this or done this....at least come see it. You will be hooked.

I will post the link again. Look at the rules and the deadlines for registration.

The 24 Hours of LeMons

We finished 15th out of 94 cars. Yes...94 cars on track at one time. If we could have figured out the fuel/ignition deal we would have been at least in second if not first.
Here's a pic of our "race car"

Yes, there's a bar in the back....with a blender.


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