86 died on testdriving

After replacing tensioner/ alternator bracket and power steering pump, i took my 86 around the block. On startup it was idiling high. It nevercdeally did that but started the drive snd felt a slight miss just for a moment I think. Inrounded the corner and cad died. Wouldnt turn over or hot shot. No power to dash and direct scan not reading. Headlights work but everything else seems dead. I need to put a vom to see if power going to ignition coil I read. Could it be an ignition switch gave out that now have to undo column and replace?
Easy tests:
** Start switch is on the outside of the column.
Check to see if the column collar linkage is working.
Twist it when attempting to start.
** Check the plug on the orange wire at the battery area.
** Look to see if the + batt cable is fried near the dp.
Also check to see if you shorted out the fat red alternator wire that runs in the area you were working in.

This. That would be the first place I started as well since you were working with the alternator.