Anyone know what fuel sending unit goes in the tank??


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May 25, 2001
I looked it up in my parts book#25001613 and order it from Gmpartsdirect and when it came it was the wrong one. With a $20 return fee plus shipping it not worth sending it back after i paid $53 for it. Does anyone know the right number for the correct sending unit for an 87 GN?? The one that I ordered is missing the pump I think. I need one that's complete with the pump. If anyone one wants a brand new one without the pump i have one for sale (cheap). Thanks
What you have is the wrong hanger. There's nowhere to hang the pump, right? They quit making the right one a while ago, but I think you can still order a high-flow pump kit from ATR that comes with the right hanger and sending unit. I went through the same thing when my fuel gauge stopped working.

I took the "wrong" sender, disassembled the sending unit (there's little tabs that bend over and hold the assembly in place) and put the sending unit on the "right" (stock) hanger. Still works, except my stock hanger is bent so the float hangs sometimes.

25092745 without U52 digital dash
25092748 with U52 digital dash

the pump is separate from these and I don't know if they are still available.
dealer had one here recently for a non digital was around 200$ as I recall...I decided to modify an existing one for my Elky after hearing the price...that was the discount price...
GMparts direct shows the digital dash at $166+shipping discounted and over $300 list. No listing for the non digital.

If mine even breaks, I'm just going to drive around with a 5 gallon gas can in my trunk. Oh, wait... I do that now anyway. Lucky for me. :)
Correct me if I'm wrong,but I believe any good rad shop that does gas tank repairs should be able to set you up with a proper level sending unit.
Mine's a digital dash. I thought both analog and digital ones were discontinued. I wound up with the wrong one using the info from the dealer's 'puter. They said the right one was discontinued. Maybe they just didn't want to take it back.

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...I decided to modify an existing one for my Elky after hearing the price...that was the discount price...

I'm in the process of doing a Turbo '82 Regal wagon. I think your Elky and my wagon use similiar if not the same tanks. Got any pics or tips on how you modified things to work? TIA!
No pics...I always think of such things later. :) I wish I had taken a picture of everything I have done along the way on these cars....we need a collection of pictures to show people as they are so much easier to understand than trying to write it down.

After I passed on the Regal sender, I realized that the Elky tank (an '81) had the sender unit mounted at an angle toward the rear of the tank instead of straight down. That might mean the Regal sender might not have reached the bottom of the tank with regard to fuel sock placement.

I measured the distance I needed to place the fuel sock just off the bottom of the tank and cut a piece of fuel line the length needed to get the bottom of the pump where I wanted it.

As the elky hanger had no base to set the pump into, I used a couple of tie wraps to fasten the pump against the return line tubing securely so it is not simply dangling off the top of the sending unit.

I have an '87 elky that I originally bought for the swap and I have been meaning to pull the tank on it and examine the hanger and the baffling to see if it would make a better arrangement.

The current arrangement seems to work fine for the moment.