Anyone near Rockford Illinois?


Jan 31, 2011
Saw this ad on craigslist and all i can say is wow o_O That Buick doesnt look like a clone to me at all.. That has to be either a scam or a car that has been chopped to a regular regal vin. That looks like an original turbo car. Can anyone near Rockford pls get some info on it i wouldnt mind spending 5k for that car even if it is a clone. **check out the link i attached**
That looks great, phone number comes back as Bass motors , looks legit.

What I don't get, why is it in Miami classified and not Chicago? Something smells fishy.
That is not legit. Why would it be posted in Florida if it is in Rockford, IL????? Look at the Craigslist heading.
Thats pretty cheap. I wonder if it has the 8 1/2 in it . For 5k your not getting hurt. you could part that car out and get your cash back and then some if you wanted . I would just drive the shit out of it and keep miles off a real gn
Its dying to be turned into a racecar and a cage installed...

This car doesnt look like a clone. To me that looks like a real deal turbo car, just look at the little details look at all the oem equipment from factory..Second picture there is another GN to the left in the background, This car just from the engine bay i can tell it has never been touched or swapped over. The ad is probably a scam,
Nah... Its a clone, no GN emblems, GTA wheels, Kirban fender vents and a sliced up turbo cover.
Its a scam.Thats a real Gnx. Bass motors is a real dealership in rockford but that car is not on their site. Thats all they got is chevy caprices on their site
I have to agree, thats a real deal turbo car.

Might be a real turbo car "stolen" then re-vin'd to a n/a regal vin thats why theyre labeling it as a clone. Someone close go check it out.
Im going to call them and ask about the black Monte Carlo. I hope that doesn't offend them.
lol i just got that yesterday went to the market for some meat and hardwood charcoal, guy screams out at me while im parking DAMN! Thats a nice monte carlo you got there, i said Thanks :D Dont care anymore about the Monte thing, he then tells me what year is that puppy, 78 or something?.. lol i reply no its an 86...Thats funny good one jasjamz..