BBC Malibu


Jan 31, 2008
1980 Malibu with 454 ,850 double pumper,Grand national rear with 373 gear,ork 350 Tranny with Pro Torque convertor, fuel cell, Battery in the trunk,MSD 6al box ,brand new Pro Star wheels, 4 inch liftoff cow hood, March bracket ,chrome alternator,
$6000 OBO, Griffin aluminum Radiator, Battery cut off switch,3-1/2 inch exhaust with 3 inch tail pipe,tire are like new, fiberglass ft and rear bumper,
Chris would love that in the garage.:D
Yes street legal , send me your email so I can send some pics. I cant seem to find an attachment in here.
ttt for lenny ! if you need me to post pics for you email them to me. email address is below