Before Black BS'ing thread.

NO snow here thank goodness but I had a service call at 0615 this morning and didn't get back to the shop until 0925. I was supposed to be off at 8 and got home less than 30 minutes ago.:mad: I'm going to be in an hour and have to be up by 8 tonight so I can make it to work tonight.:rolleyes:
well the new ones wouldnt be so bad if they had proper machinest, but they have like 6 yo's on the machines in china and they could care less about fit on our buicks~

are you still using the mechanical pump?

Here ya go Mike, lemme know if this looks okays, the oil pump bore is really not as scuffed as it looks, i just ran a hair of steel wool thru it to knock all the dirt out. this cover is super super dusty... like dried out desert reclaiming this cover full of sand and dust dirty.
As an example I've worked the last 3 days 11 hours straight and no breaks at all.:eek: You also have to keep in mind that I had hernia surgery just a short time ago and am still building up my strength.:D
Is going to be in Las Vegas Feb 13-16 and in Los Angeles the 16-19th... if your in the area holler at me and give me a pound!