Best fuel pump???


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Dec 3, 2003
i have 550 estimated horsepower in my Turbo Regal.I have a in-tank pump that can take the car to the 12.0 in the quarter mile.I definately need a fuel pump on the outside.I have heard about the Walbro 340 and hot wire kit.I seem at times to have a low battery voltage due to a big stereo system.Is the Walbro 340 hot wire kit the best fuel pump for me to add to the car???I will just have to get 2 big batteries for the stereo system and maybe upgrade the alternator.:)
With a high volume in tank pump like i have in my car that is for cars running 12.0 maximum should i get a 307 or 340 hot wire kit??? I have an estimated 550 HP. :)
Go with the Walbro 340, and the hot-wire kit. The 340 has a hotter motor, and pulls less current, so that's another advantage for the 340. The chart on shows about 44 gph required for 550 hp, and the Walbro 340 will supply 45 gph at 70 psi. (My car has an estimated 560 horses, but they are small horses)
a hotwired walbro 340 pump will support low 11's, high 10's range maximum...any faster then you need a double pumper system
Any one know who sells the Hot wired Walbro 340 for the cheapest price available??? Thanks
If you tell them you're a board member they might even make an "adjustment"...(can't guarantee) :)
I was on a web site and i saw the Racetronix pump.i wonder if it draws fuel well like a walbro with a low current.:cool: