Better or Not

Mar 4, 2002
I was running 26 inch slicks and if I go to 28 inch - Will it help me or hurt me - I am running 11.7 @ 114mph

87 Buick Grand National
ta 49 Turbo
thdp stainless
Precision Front Mount
Red Stripe Club Torch Convertor
bgc 2 7/8 exhaust with 3" flowmasters
tomka cold air kit
armstrong xp pump and chip
transmission by Vince Janis
airbag right side
what rpm are you going thru the traps? if less than 5,000 stick with the 26"....if more than that, you'll prolly pick up with the 28's

(MT ET Drags 28X9's are 27" excellent size)
well, Hoosier makes a 27" DOT......but a tach would be a big help........