BRF Transmission with billet fwd


I built a trans for a customer about a yr ago that he needs to sell. It has never been ran. Powdercoated case (black), 87 BRF core, billet fwd drum, dual fed, 3 clutch OD, hardened sun shell, 10 or 13 vane pump, larger boost valves, etc..

It was for a very mild, very light T-bucket project but customer insisted on the BRF core, billet drum and red clutches, etc.
Setup with stock GN 694 servo and pan.

It includes a mild converter, 2400 stall or so, lockup.

$2200, or add $200 for a deep pan.
I'm near Sanger, TX about an hr away from Dallas or Ft. Worth.

The limiting factor on this one at the moment would be the pan more than anything else. After that the GN servo.

With a deep pan and billet servo, 550 HP shoudn't be an issue.