Buicks @ Bates 2016 - Official Kickoff Thread

Hey I was invited either today or yesterday, somebody by the name of Brian left a note on my regal and I just wanted to say thanks for the invited I really wanted to come to one of these things before I left but I deploy at the end of the month and as soon as I return I transfer to Missouri....so it pains me to say I will not be able to make it to one of these events here
Just received these today!


Mad props to Stewart Warner engineers!

The original GNX boost gauge with the red and green increments was discontinued long ago and is unavailable.

The folks at the factory made new bezels just for the show! They sent me a pic last week as they were making the gauges for our raffle.

I just realized this event is on my sons 15th birthday... I think a day out at Bates is a good birthday trip! We'll see if he does :D

Updated: yup, he's excited to go. (y)
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Flaco while your missing gears & fighting for traction my superior machine built with German advanced technology will be long gone. I would fear your Buick more than that fiberglass relic !
Will try and stream this event live on my youtube for you out of state guys or people who miss the event. Just need to make sure to bring a battery backup and figure out how to do it

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I'll try to convince the wife to go. We came back in 2014 Buickless. I don't think the old squeak bucket is ready to make it this year (the car,not the wife lol).

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I'm in Palmdale and will be heading down with 4-5 Buicks

I think i still have your phone number. Ill send you a text in a few mins for more info. I might have a few other buicks going with me but not sure. I would prefer not to ride alone.
I will be leaving Apple Valley around 6 and headed down the 15. Should be going by Norco around 7?

I will meet up with the group if your running around that time range?
Are the OC guys going to meet at the (Lake Forest?) Home Depot parking lot like usual?
Hello OC meeting off 5FWY and El Toro Road
There's a home depo on
El toro and rock field we'll be in the home depo parking lot at 7:30am

Smart and final
Home depo
Rest rooms
Ralph's market

714 457-6839 Rafael