Buicks@Bates 2018 - Official Kickoff Thread

I know you better be there.. we need to make it a WCN event

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Gotz t' get my junk back together. Figuring I might be able to make one in late fall, early winter of this year.
I'll coordinate with joe.. Really like to get some data on this new setup

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Got these coming to bates.. If you want to get one before bates pm me.

Black powder coated power steering reservoir.. Bolt in replacement with magnet installed. Vented reverse thread cap. Can use factory cap if you like. Dip stick has full hot and cold level marked.

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One more week. :)
Most of the raffle prizes have shown up. Please tell everyone you know that has one of these cars to show up and support this event.
As most of you guys know by now, Our goal for this show has always been the same thing. To have the largest Turbo Buick gathering we can. Back when Eric and I took this show over, we never thought it would ever compete with some of the really big shows. We just wanted to have some fun and share in the good times. Yet, here we are. Last year, with 72 Turbo Buicks. This was the second largest gathering in the nation. Bowling Green with 120 TBs took first place. Keep in mind. The year before, BG had less than 100. Way less. I know. I was there.

I'm not sure just how many cars we are going to have next week. From everyone I've talked to, 100+ Turbo Buicks is not out of the question. With that in mind. We have a very good chance of taking the title to the West Coast for the first time in history. :cool:

I talked to Classic Ind this week. They say that they are inked to set up a big display at Bates. They will also have on hand, their newest catalog to hand out. This thing is only about a week off the press and has about twice as many TB parts as their first catalog.

I heard a few people say that they didn't want to bring their Turbo Buick because it wasn't a "show car".
Well, bring it. This ain't a "car show". It's just a gathering of Turbo Buicks and the people who love them.
We don't judge cars and we don't judge people... Let's share in our passion for one of the greatest hot rods ever built.
This is a family friendly event. There will be a bouncy house for the little kids and lots of vendors, shopping and tech for the big kids.

Mike Barnard
Been running down the list of past attendees rounding up additional cars that may have forgotten about the event. :) Found several that will be there with their cars.

Like Mike said, this is a gathering, not a show...fillers and/or interior optional.

Shirts are being finished as I type, vendor goods are still rolling in, and the forecast is predicting a near-perfect high of 85. :)

Valley Center, CA Weather

Looking forward to this year!

Alright guys, I loaded up the following stuff to display/sell at the Bates show!

2 Bell FMIC cores- 1 for 1,600hp, 1 for 1,100hp
4 1" Billet RPS intake manifold spacers- 2 for stock, 2 for Champion manifolds
4 EGR blockoff plates
MS3 Ultimate and I will have my laptop up displaying the TunerStudio for all to see the tuning software
IGN-1A coils (same as the Holley coils)
LC-2 Wideband and gauge
Scanmaster G
Hellwig 1 5/16" Tubular front swaybar
10 RPS forged narrow journal 3.625" stroke cranks and flexplates
1 RPS forged narrow journal 3.400" stroke crank and flexplate
-6 AN fuel line piece w/ fittings (just for show)
-8AN fuel line piece w/ fittings
WORK turbos (not sure what will arrive due to time constraints)
Stage 2 headers by Gee M Racing
SCAT forged 5.96" length rods
Molnar 5.96" length forged connecting rods
Weldon 2040 fuel pressure regulator
Weldon 2345A fuel pump
Weldon 14000 Fuel Pump controller
Kinsler Monster Mesh fuel filter

Reggie will have a badass display by BAER as well, along with a few other things.

We'll have Kinsler and Weldon banners in front of our spot for those looking for us.
I'll be bringing the NEW GNX wheels in 18x8, 18x9, 19x9.5, from GBody parts, also the recently developed fast window operating assembly, rolls your windows up or down in under 3 sec,
these are all currently in the GBodyParts catalog, (been a long time waiting for these wheels)
A couple teaser pics of some of the stuff we picked up today for the Bates show....

btw, there are THREE of the SCAT 35% discount certificates... ;)

And oh, that billet wheel can support over 1,700hp and it technically an unreleased compressor wheel ;)

We'll also have a cast Chevy crank to compare the forged SCAT and forged RPS cranks to, just so that you can see the difference in the materials.

We'll also have billet Molnar rods, forged Molnar rods, and forged SCAT rods to compare against each other as well ;)

I can't edit my post, but I was wrong on the large compressor wheel..

That giant compressor wheel is good for 3,000hp NOT 1,700...