Cars-N-Coffee Brier Creek (Oct 2nd)


Future GN Owner
Oct 7, 2007
This weekend is Brier Creek's Cars-N-Coffee whos coming out? Good seeing some of the TR guys bringing their cars out.
I'll be there in my 1984 GN along with son Adam in his 06 Mustang Mach I! Save us parking spots if you get there before we do. What will you be driving?
Conrad Carter
STILL iffy abt going if i do it will be with others in the truck not the buick :rolleyes:
Erick and I made it. There were several other GN's. One with Kirbin GNX wheels but I never saw anyone with the car. New (to me) guy with an 84GN with hot intercooled engine and BIG turbo. He is on TB as BoostinBuick or BoostingBuick....not sure which...I have PM both names. He is a fabricator by trade and it was obvious by his car...PowerStroke intercooler! He was involved in the TB parked next to his GN with LSx engine and blow-thru carb which was in some pics from last month. Hope we can get him involved in GMTURBO6.
"Hot Air"
Albemarle, NC
Nice turnout yesterday! Saw quite a few TR's, jealous man I am. I'll have me one, one day. :D
Sorry I missed you. What were you driving?


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