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i have been reading and some of you guys are running monster amounts of boost 25psi plus. i was wondering what is the compression of some of your cars espically the ones still on stock blocks? right now im at 9.5:1 and scared to go past 13psi over this winter im dropping in the L67 lowerend outa a GTP since its compression is 8.5:1.

Both of my cars have stock GM pistons. I'm pretty sure stock compression ratio is about 8 to 1. Someone else can chime in here if I'm wrong. I've also run both cars past 30lbs of boost with good success and no knock retard.
wow that just blows my mind, with the new setup and 8.5 to 1 i will be running around 20psi outa a turbonetics 62-1, i may push it to 25 but i am kinda scared.
Anybody running that much boost has got some GOOD fuel. Either race gas or alky, or some combo. The high boost will break things real quick if the fuel is not good enough to support it. So be careful!
Wait a second, you gonna change the entire engine to a L67 FRONT wheel drive motor just to lower the compression?

You do realize that no parts interchange correct?

A stock LC2 buick motor is good for alot more than where you are currently at, what gives, what the????
I am deeply confused. The LC2 motor has 8:1, why are you putting a 8.5:1 motor to drop compression, you are going to RAISE it half a point!