Connecting Rod side clearance: Measurement and Machining

Good to see the technical video
Purchased a set of Molnar rods
installed rods on crank with .006 side clearance
opened them up to about .013
should be ok now
I was in the shop this morning adjusting side clearance on a new set of rods and decided to burn a video of the process. I hope you like!


Hi Dave,
I contacted you awhile back requesting you contact me via my email. This app and knowing how to navigate within confuses me and I fear that I will do something wrong and loose my communication channel?
Anyway, I have a stage 2 short block with all the collaterals to be put together. I like the fact you have engine building knowledge and application skills. I would like to speak to you about this engine.
My email:

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Iv'e ran stock rods in the past with .020 to .022 side clearance and never had a problem. Made just alittle noise when cold but not that bad.
Nice video dave thanks i just love watching machine work ..

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