Connecting Rod side clearance: Measurement and Machining

Great video Dave! I really like your neat and organized shop. When I measured my K1 rods they were 005-008 so I thought that was close enough. What would be the down side to being tight like mine ?

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Thanks for the compliments on the shop.....its not always this clean and organized when things get rolling!! The downsides to too tight? Galling against the crank would be the downside, but I've never run into that failure before. I would think you're OK at the .008".
I have seen and assembled engines with more than .020" on plenty of stock rod engines.
Buick power source book says .008 - .010 for stock rods.

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My experience with Molnar rods,on the engine I'm currently building,has been the same. I found .005" to .006" side clearance.
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Dave thanks for sharing, people like you are what set these cars aside from other makes.:cool:
Great video Dave!! Thanks for taking the time to share. For a guy who has yet to get that far into my motor, I love to see how some of it comes together. Very much appreciated!
Very informative video Dave
Wish I had the room in my two car garage to put that kind of machinery; but then again if I had the room Dave, you would need to make more video.(y)
I have one engine with an old set of CAT rods and CAT crank that has .018 side clearance. Noisy as hell until it gets good and hot and the side clearance gets tighter. Another engine with Molnar rods and an RPM crank that is too tight at .006, which is the minimum spec for stock rods. .010-.011 seems to be the perfect clearance.
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stock are way too loose.

great video Turbo Dave goes to show the time it takes to do things the right way .

another downside to being loose on a off center engine is the more it slaps side to side the more the piston cocks over in the bore losing ring seal and causing uneven loading on the rod bearing
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Dave had more videos on youtube. Search turbodave231. Great guy. He help me a lot this past summer. See sig.