did I just see right on the halftime show???


all show no go
May 24, 2001
did Justin Timberlake pull Janets top off and her boob flop out?? yikes!!!!! Was I seeing things. My wife and just I were just like HHUH.. lol

we definitely saw boobie with a pastie on it, it's nothing he's never seen before anyway.
thats the hot topic here at my house right now-

i think she was unaware that it was going to happen, no way in hell would she had been looking down at her titty if it was supposed to happen-

they immediately changed camera angles, but i liked it!!
yea th elook on her face was like HUH?? waaaa??? no way she was waiting for that..
LOL....Do you seriously think that was NOT planned?!? "No way she expected that!" PLEASE She had a star pastie on, for christs sake!! You think she wears that all the time?
My first thought is... if she WASN'T expecting it, there wouldn't be a pastie there.

Timberlake isn't bold enough to pull that stunt off...

It was planned
i guess it will be on the news if it was supposed to happen....

i thought all singers wore them just in case?
heck i bet JUSTIN T. even wears one, but thats another story

Definitely planned, thus the pastie. I'm thinking Janet can use the controversy, just like anyone. She's been out of the limelight a bit, this will give her a little "exposure". How old is she now? I was just thinking she still moves pretty good....and looks good.
that was alot better than the naked guy dancing at midfield before the second half kickoff.
Originally posted by Jesse
Maybe he wanted to make sure it was Janet and not Michael:rolleyes: :eek: :)

You know he's to old for Michael, he would never get invited to a sleep over at Neverland.
In JT's lyrics...
"Cause I, bet I'll have you naked by the end of this song"
...and the nipple sticker :D

Yah, it was planned.

Damn she can move!!!
A wanna be and a skank...:rolleyes: ew we...

some talent they had, p diddy, nelly, kid rock......jezz, for the amount of money they put out on this, you'd think they could have some real talent.....:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
p-diddy and nelly had no clue when they were moving around the floor-
that lip sink was as bad as milly-vanilly did back in the day...

when kid rock came around, at least he knew the words to his own songs:eek:

i bet they do country next year:rolleyes: