Eibachs or drop spindles??


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May 26, 2001
OK!! SlowGray had Eibachs all around with QA1 shocks as well. This time on 1 RARE T I'm thinking Eibachs in the rear with drop spindles in the front. Any opinions?

Dont go with spindles in the front. Get Moog 5658 springs from the parts store and a set of Howe's Ball Joints from ATS. This will give you approximately 1 7/8" drop and will improve your front end geometry. Spindles do nothing and will give you rubbing issues. Springs---$60 set, Ball joints -- $100. Call Mark at Savitske Classic & Custom . Great guy, very impressive wisdom on front end geometery!
do you have part numbers for the ball joints?? both upper and lower from Howe's? they show $85 dollars on the web site???

Drop spindles suck, the only reason my tires are not rubbing the fenders is because I am using skinnies in the front. Tire geometry sucks, every car that I have ever seen with them rubs the fender with normal street tires. A good lowered spring with a shock is the best, even better are the taller balljoints offered on the new a-arms that allow for nice camber/caster adjustments.
Awesome information!!

Is the Moog part#5658 a kit of all (4) springs or just the front? What do you recommend for the rear of the car?

The MOOG springs are just the fronts. I ended up using BellTech rear springs for about 1.5" drop in the rear. I dont really know what MOOG springs are similar or which ones would give you a 1" drop. Might want to post that as a Question on here, it will really save you some $$$$ to go with MOOGs. OPtherwise if you can come up with a set of rear Eibachs but they are pretty darn pricey. I got the BellTechs slightly used for $50. Check the Monte Carlo SS Information & Resources board. These are on there for sale often! hope this helps! -------jeremy