Failed Smog Test (CA)


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15 MPH---1404--13.78------0.59------130------0.68-----1458
25 MPH---1395--13.90------0.46------106------0.72------949

The tester told me just to change the O2sensor and spark plugs and bring it back...he said it may be the cat but wants me to do the more inexpensive things first. What do you all suggest? TIA
Before you start changing parts, What gear did the Smog station test your car in? Becuase, the test is required to be performed in drive (NOT OVERDRIVE). The last time I my vehicle was tested, the 15MPH test was at 1650s rpm and the 25MPH test was at 1540s rpm. 1300s is too low and I suspect the reason for the low RPM at 25mph was the gear selection. Also, if your car fails and it is Test Only (it should be) and this is for biennual registration renewal, you are eligible to participate in the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) and for a $100 copay, the state will subsidize up to $500 of emissions repairs at specially designated CAP stations.