First 9 second pass

So Awesome to see this!
Big time Congrats!!!

And for dynoman, could it possibly be my video I took in 2019?
It was a once in a Turbo Buick racing world moment for sure.
Sorry to chime in late..

- Patrick
Thanks Patrick.
Clarks6 your not polluting my thread. Its all good info/experience about trying to into the 9s.
Thanks for the Permission Mike.

Here's the tires that I did a Street hit by tweaking my suspension & launch technique that began my Trutrac install. lol... This was the Stock differential with JEG branded gears... This was over time fatigue. But several Street hits with NO Burn Outs all did this on one final try.. I was up the road & had to get towed home. lol:


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I went with TruTrac put New Richmond Gears & Monitored temps. & hoped I did everything right myself. Never put one in before, Gears nor differential... All by myself & internet of course. Including this board. TruTrac calls for 80/90W non synthetic.. I did that for the break in procedure, but switched to 85/140 Thicker oil afterward.. All is fine so far. If it happens again I'm afraid I may have to get a whole new Rear end,, I noticed a crack right above the pinion in that picture I sent up top.
That's me in the near lane. Dynoman and I also ran each other in the TPB eliminations. I forgot about this run. Thanks for sharing!!
The run in TPB was the run I remembered . I didn't realize we ran twice !!