First Time at Track

Mar 4, 2002
I went to the track today and run a consisent 12.3. Need more practice, car will do better.

Need help with the line lock - how does it work?

Set-Up TA 49 Turbo, 009's 42.5 lb. injectors, THDP Steeless Precision Front Mount Intercooler, Red Stripe Club Torch Convertor, BGC, 2/7 Exhaust with 3" Flowmasters, Pete Tomka Cold Air Kit, Transmission by Vince Janis, Line Lock, Ride Side Air Bag and 275 50 15" BF DR

18.5 lb. in tires
I just put Hurst Roll control (Line Lock - from Summit w/ install kit $120) on my car today. It works awesome. What is done is tap in at the master cyl and put a solenoid there. So when you hit the brakes you hit a switch (Horn switch for me) and hold hit, as long as u hold it the front brakes are locked. Just let go and it releases the brakes. Works great for burn outs, i'm gonna try it on launches.
Nothing wrong with 12.3's for the first time at the track. What was your boost, 60ft's and trap mph?
man...i just want to get into the 12's and this guy runs a 12.30 first time out....i already don't like'm....:D
Found your "problem". A TA49 will make about the same HP at 17 psi as a stock turbo. Turn it up to 20-24 psi (using the appropriate gas of course) and 11's are in the bag.

If you don't have them already, consider 28" tall tires (275/60's instead of 275/50's). They will help with your top end mph and with traction when you turn the boost up.

The best mph my car did with 50's was 113.96 in more than 3 years of running them. With the 60's I've gone over 118 mph (118.31)