fuel pump problem


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Jun 18, 2008
1 of my cars has been sitting about 1 1/2 years now and up till maybe 6 months ago the car would start and move but the last time i tried starting it wouldn't start and i kinda forgot about it. in the mean time i started a tranny swap and i just got around to finishing that up along with putting on a exhaust system and i pushed the car outside to fire it up and car would crank but not start and then i remebered this happening before i did all this work . fuel pump is not turning on at least don't hear it turning on so i checked the fuses changed the relays on the passenger side wheel well changed the ecm and finally put a used walbro pump that was pulled 3 months to put a fresh pump in another car.dropped the tank and the car had a old walbro with the part# ground off and it was not plug and play like todays are the wires for the sending unit were cut and butt connected. i put the used pump in put the tank back in and then the damn tank started leaking under the strap so i pulled the tank back out and will put another tank back in tomorrow.

no hotwire kit on this car!!!!

tank was real low on gas maybe a gallon or 2 but i think even if there was no gas in there i should still hear the pump right?

i'm not really good with wiring or probing things so please dumb it down so i can understand you if think it is a wiring problem

plan for tomorrow put diffrent tank in and dump 5 gallons of gas and put a fuel pressure gauge on it but i think i will still be in the same position

any ideas are appreciated
Have a test light?

The fp relay is under the hood on the pass. fender. It's the one with the grey plug.

Unplug the relay and check for power with the key on. The pnk/blk wire should come alive and stay on with the key.

The gen/blk wire is the signal from the ecm that pulls in the relay. @ key on that should come alive for a sec. then turn off. When the motor is started, it should stay hot.

After double and triple checking everything my buddy determined it is a faulty ignition switch.he probed everything and we found after wiggling the switch only then would it would trigger the relay