Fuel Sensor for XFI

flex fuel sensor compatibility with XFI question.....

Is anyone succesfully using the AC Delco flex fuel sensor part number 13577379?
Its application is a 2012 CADILLAC SRX. It is the most inexpensive AC delco Flex fuel sensor I have found.
does anyone here can install and tune my car if i purchase the flex fuel unit? i have an 86 T with xfi 2.0 i'm in NJ text me here 856 426 9607 i don't mind sending the car to ya regardless of distance if you can do it, thanks
sounds good,looks like i'll be ordering a kit soon. love my car but only 1 E85 station around.. would like to take the car on a long cruise sometime without carrying extra cans in the trunk.
just wondering what are you guys doing for adjusting boost? just setting it lower when running 93 or using a seperate tune?
Am I reading this correctly that the cheaper $70-90 sensors won't work without an additional box between the sensor and the xfi?

The new cheaper sensor works. We currently run one on our car with the xfi
he's asking if you need that little box between the sensor and the xfi for it to work. I believe the answer is no, you do not need the box. i could be totally wrong tho! i think the box is only needed for the gauge that zeitronix sells
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