Gateway-St Louis Aug 1st


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Aug 13, 2005
Is anyone planning on running TSM in St Louis next month? Does anybody know if there will be a payout? Was tentatively planning on going but we have a local no-prep race on the 2nd.
Hell i didn't know there was an event planned. If I had a cage in my car I would come to help fill in the field ( my car is nowhere near fast enough for TSM)
This track is local so I will come to spectate only as they won't let me run.

Get with D Day as I think he should have more info for you.
Yes we are still having the event and we will have payout. A&B auto body,Boost crew ,Napa have sponsored our event as of now and we are waiting on replies from several others. We will know more in the next few days. We had $1100 last year and expect to pass that this year.