Get well, Sgrim


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May 27, 2001
For those of you that dont, Shane is laid up with a pretty nasty flu bug.

Get well soon, brother.. Ill try not to burn the place down while you're recuperating ;)
The So Western section will be in charge while you're gone. We'll make sure that everything runs nice and smooth. ;)


Hope you're feeling better soon.

Mike Barnard
hello people; Get well. But I've been trying to deal with G-bodies and I guess he's sick also.
Hope your feeling better soon Better hurry up before the inmates take over the asylum.LOL
Get well and drink lots fluids:D In Canada that means Canadian Club whisky;) Just let us know and we can get some delivered
Take care Shane, as others said plenty of fluids and rest and hope you feel better soon.

Shane posted this on the other forum after I closed it.

Thanks guys! Still trying to find out what is wrong. I have flu like symptoms but according to the test no flu... Had some more tests today and heading back in the morning! I TRULY appreciate all the kind words! Thanks everyone!
Get well Shane......You got work to do !!! LOL
Hope to see you in May.

Shane I told you the day you stopped by I was dying. Bent over from stomach pains & I do not want to give TMI but your going to be down for 2 weeks.
If you decide to travel more then 20 minutes from a bathroom I may recomend Depends LOL o_O