Happy belated Birthday Donnie Wang (DonWG) :

Gary Wells

White turbo Buick trailer park trash
Mar 2, 2002
Yesterday might have been Donnie Wang's Birthday according to the tranny section, so let's all wish Donnie a Happy belated Birthday. Happy Birthday, DonWG.

Your achievements in the past year alone have been extremely exciting to watch. I'm jealous

Thank you for acting like a Don on this board for all these years! Its one thing that keeps me here
when I want to bail, you and all the other good hearted members here on tb.com

Can't wait to see you race again man. I can't wait to race either, I have a few set backs ;)
My latest adventure is installing a fully programmable per gear and per rpm boost controller from Japan, and
also trying to fit those MT 315/45/16 drag radials on a 10" custom set of rear Japanese mesh wheels

Hope you and your family enjoy your birthday Don

Thanks everyone. Rodney, you can count on it.
Race to live. Live to race.
Happy birthday Donnie. I'm looking forward to seeing your car back in action. Keep working "outside the box " , it's way to crowded in there anyway ! ;)
Happy Birthday Donnie! Man I just saw you yesterday and no one said it was ur birthday?! And your at work on your birthday? Didnt the "boss" give you a day off? Im sure she would understand:biggrin:
Happy birthday Don. When are you going to take the car out?
I'm guessing the car is going to be down a couple more months at the most. I'll be dropping the engine back in this coming week, but the frame notching is going to take awhile. I'm going to be doing something different than what you typically see with the frame notch. It's going to be a design-on-the-fly project.

How's yours coming?