Happy Birthday Bruce- WE4


Still plays with cars!
Apr 18, 2002
darn, you gettin old !!!!!!!!!
hope your day is a good one,
and many more to come, thanks for all you do!
take care my friend!
I don't know if he is home yet but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE!
happy B-Day

Hey Bruce happy birthday!! Well belated, since i missed it by an hour or so! :biggrin: Hope you found some time for yourself!


PS Car is running great! Thanks again!:D
wow didnt even notice. happy b-day bruce. your new pan is going on very soon. also thanks for the t-shirt ive been sporting it.
Hey Gary

beat you to the punch on that one! :)
not to worry, I have a day job, ( for now) so you can continue to
be the B day queen !!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:
take care!
Happy B-Day!!!!!