Happy Thanksgiving !!

I have spent a few hours in a patrol car on a holiday before myself,but that is a whole other story...:biggrin::biggrin:

Yeah it tends to happen that around late afternoon, early evening things start to heat up around the family tree. Too many cocktails and the fists start flying. Typical holiday patrol shift.

I dont do that work anymore so now I can get toasted and start trouble.:D
Happy Thanksgiving to all, even the toastees, and God Bless everyone and their family for a safe holiday weekend.
Happy thanksgiving everyone. I'm on vacation for another weekend and a half so everything is good here
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Also, let's not forget to thank all of our service members overseas. Bless our own....During this timeaway from home.
Happy Thanksgiving all. Will be feasting on the complimentary peanuts that Southwest Airlines gives out. Will be 30000 ft up this afternoon.:( Heading back to CT from FL after my father's military funeral service down here. Not a happy day but got to see my Mom and now back home to my family.