Heat exchangers for supercharged 3800s?


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Aug 6, 2022
the stock regal gs 3800 LS67 is lacking an intercooler. this limits boost to like 6 psi or so, depending.

zzperformance of course makes the intercooler with a heat exchanger everyone uses, but IMO it is really tiny and perhaps not so good.

is there anyone else making an intercooler solution (using a heat exchanger or not) that can be fitted to a SC LS67 3800?
Its a L67 not LS67. I have a IC kit I bought used for a my Gen III from a very reputable W body owner and never got around to using it. The exchanger is a radiator from a VW or Volvo I think don't remember which? Works better than the ZZP unit. I'll get pics but want to sell as a whole. If interested lmk
Yep, the 1980's Scirocco VW radiator is the typical drag car radiator which you can mount as an IC radiator on these cars.

I got my latest one from RockAuto for ~$80 to run the air-water setup on my turbo Regal, and it works great with a Bosch pump and some extra volume with a trunk tank for kicks.

Thought I had a better head-on photo of this mounted (maybe on my phone, still), but here's a shot of it comfortably behind my bumper (swapped to aluminum Aztek/Rendezvous support)...

- Mount opposite way to have passenger-side ports for M90 intercooler
- Capped overflow port (can run a purge line to bleed air, but my headlight was too close, so I did it on the big line)
- 2" L-brackets mount to end tank holes nicely, if you want to utilize them and the bumper, otherwise ~18" bars will vertically mount to car's radiator frame nicely (done both)
Found a couple better pics when I put the new VW radiator in for my intercooler, which is on the reverse side for turbo use...
(don't mind grid fins' distortion, had to compress image to upload)


Just added a couple access holes to install the bracket hardware by fully sending a step-bit thru (~1" dia or so). I have the Bosch pump mounted below the driver's headlight for minimal routing to the core I have there. It'll move to the passenger side if/when I toss a supercharged setup back in this car for fun and probably flip the VW radiator around.
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