Hot cams for Hot-airs,or not so hot airs


Heavy breather
I am looking for any suggestions on cam choice. I have ordered a V2 and cooler kit, and going with a larger turbo and a set of race port heads. My question is about cams. I was thinking of a 206/206 but am now considering a split profile. I would like a little advice from those who have tried both or at least had really good luck with one or the other. Whose cam was it, and What are the characteristics. I will be using at least a pt52 or larger and probably 3600 worth of stall.
Lunati 200/200 would be a good choice. Same with a 206/206. Don't know how much stall you'd need to go much bigger, maybe a 212/206?
I have a 214/208 Isky bumpstick in my car and like it.

with the ported heads and v2 setup with a large turbo, biggerish cams wont hurt...

This cam is the best of at least 6 cams I have tried.
Schneider Cams
1235 Cushman Ave.
San Diego, Ca.

Valve lift with 1.6 rockers
.448 intake
.495 exhaust

Do not go over 90 lb. closed seat pressure on valve spring

This cam idles good----fair

will pull strong to 6000+ if needed

I have recomended this cam for a while now but for some reason people aren/t buying in to it . O-well just my preference.

Good Luck
Ive tried stock, Lunati 200-200, Reed 210-205, Comp (Duttweiler)206-206, and Shneider 204-214.

It would be a tie between the 210-205 and 206-206 as my favorites.

The 200-200 was a very good cam also and especially in a stock motor.

The Shneider 204-214 is a complete POS. My car is a slug with no bottom end. On street tires with the 206 I could roll into it and when second gear hit I could hold it at half pedal and keep the tires chirping through second. With the 204-214, I can't even chirp second gear at WOT. I have a brand new 206 in the box at home waiting until my heads are done to put it in.

It seems the hotairs like the wierd cams but the IC hotairs like the same cams as the IC cars. I was told on the phone that a turbo car needs more exhaust duration and I decided to try it and am very disappointed. I did not believe a cam could hurt a car this bad.