how did you guys get your fbody rad to fit?


Mar 27, 2002
i picked up a radiator for a 91 RS Camaro over the week and am starting the install today. the first thing i noticed is that the fbody rad is about 6 inches wider than the one coming out of my Buick. this thing will not line up with the rubber inserts that my old rad sat in. also, the lower hose location on my Buick rad is beneath my lower trans line connection, while the fbody radiator has these 2 switched

how did you guys overcome these differences? how can i make the new rad fit without extensive modifications?
Rubber inserts? Well I remember a little flap that rests against on the radiator on the drivers side. The flap is easily removed, and the rubber cushions that the radiator physically sit on are easily just spaced further apart. The trans lines are the only thing that will require a little bending to fit into place. You can check out the picture to see the fans on my car.


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inserts = cushions... thats what i meant. and i figured that much out after some trial fits that there are existing holes to move the "cushions" in the correct spaces to fit the new radiator. and while it may take some finessing to arrange the trans lines and lower rad hose correctly, i pretty much figured out that part too

now i just gotta do something with the upper hose and fan shroud and ill be set
Ya....I just cut the radiator hose where it runs by the coil pack, and put a pipe in there to extend it. It works ok...until I find a new upper hose. You can see it in the pic. I used an 86-87 upper radiator support too keep it held down...but if you didnt want to do that, you could always cut the fan shroud.
I just did this modification on my 85 GN with the stock shroud and no electric fans. I bought a modine 951 from NAPA and had the same problem-the radiator is alot wider. My problem was holding down the drivers side of the radiator because the stock 85 shroud is too small. You need to move the bottom rubber radiator holders over and they will fit in the bracket. The stock upper radiator hose will fit as well. Just take the hose out of the metal braket that supports it by the coil pack. I devised a way to hold the drivers side of the radiator down without changing the stock shroud and mechanical fan. Go the the juckyard and get an 87 OLDS 307 radiator hold down plate. Cut it for the remaining inches on the drivers side and it will bolt onto the frame easily. This way you do not need electric fans. I was running 225 degrees last summer in 95 degree heat before I changed the radiator(160 degree thermostat). After the conversion with the stock fan-180 degrees in 95 outside temps. The car would go up to 195 degrees in traffic but would drop like a rock when the car gets moving. I can send pics. Brad
The hold down plate is from an 87 Cutlass. I am sure any 80's Cutlass with a V-8 will work. Brad
Use an upper radiator hose from a Chevy (Oh - I said a dirty word!)
van. Gates 21188 or equivalent. HTH