howes ball joint ?


87 we4
are the howes balljoint #'s, 22302-upper and 22420-lower, the "tall" balljoints. or do i need to get their taller stud to go with them. i drove the car for a few days after a major thaw and remembered how scary the worn out front end was!!!! i might as well throw in some better handling while i am in there replacing parts. thanks.
from what i have read, they are the way to go. howes cross references there part number to moog and trw, so i am thinking those part numbers are for upgraded stock type ball joints. i was going to email mark, but held for now to see if anyone here knew the answer.
Savitske Classic & Custom

Talk to Mark, he will answer all your questions. I have his Stage 2 kit that comes with the Howe tall ball joints and SPC adjustable upper control arms. MAJOR improvement on the handling, smooth as silk.
I think that the Stage II with the tall Howe ball joints will also lower the front of the car about .50-.75, too, or 1/2" to 3/4".
i am not disputing mark's package, i would love to get it. but i just dont have the coin for that now. i found a good deal on some howe bj's, but if they are not the "talls" they would not be a good deal if i had to swap out the studs.