Hypothetical Questions........


Pelennor Fields
Feb 8, 2004
You visit your local Wally-World (AKA) Walmart and you spend like $150 in various items and you have a basket full of items all placed inside their pretty little Walmart bags all stacked up in ur cart. And as you pay for these items you head towards the exit to leave. As you get to the door to leave a security guard asks u for a receipt. This has occurred to all of use probably hundreds of times before. Questions are......

A.) Do I have to show him a receipt?

B.) What if I say I don't have the receipt OR I chose not to show it to him?

C.) Can the security guard legally detain me for either NOT having a receipt or choosing NOT to show it?

D.) I decide im just gonna leave and push my cart outside and the security guard puts his hands on me to detain me. What can I
do at that point lawfully? Can I pull away? What happens if the security guard uses more force to detain me?

E.) I tell them to call the Police. Do I have to stay for the Police?

F.) The Store Manager comes over. Does he have any more authority to stop me than the Security Guard does?

G.) Walmart Manager states that is their policy to check for a receipt. Does that change anything now?

I.) When can a security guard or store manager detain me physically?

J.) You decide to wait for the Police. What changes when they arrive? Can the Police detain me now? Can the Police search my person or my property at this point if I have refused to show my receipt vs. simply stating I cant find it?

K.) Does the Police Officer have the right to ask me for my ID?

L.) What happens if I refuse to show the Cop my ID or even give him my name?

M.) What if I decide that im not interested in discussing this any longer with Walmart or the Police and I just walk out with my cart. Can the Cop stop me from leaving?

N.) What happens if the Cop does put his hands on me and stop me physically? What can I do lawfully at that point?

I know its easy to simply show ur receipt and this isn't about being righteous or not cause sometimes we simply dont know what we did with it. Could be in one of the bags? Could have dropped it? Yes it makes sense to just show it cause its the easy thing to do but it does get a little old sometimes and sometimes im in a hurry and sometimes I just dont want to be in wally-world any longer than I have to be so what say u?
Use to always get receipt checked at sams club every time, but at Walmart only in the last 6 mos. or so and not every time.
I figured Walmart adopted the sams club ways.

I have yet to be checked at target or Hyvee, in a 30,000 population north central IA town anyway.
I know what I think I wanna know what others think. There is very little case law on this and its something we all encounter each week usually. I wonder what Walmart or other stores tell their loss prevention to do when someone refuses to show a receipt? Do they have a policy on it? I dont know.

You already know the answer to your question.
Never had a receipt checked at Walley world but it’s policy at sams.

My thought on it is... it would take less time to show a receipt than it did to write this post. I choose to pick my battles and I can think of far tougher ones than to worry about showing my receipt or not.

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I actually thought that this exact situation would happen at some point and then it would all be recorded on a cell video.

After that it will end up on youtube, and then on TMZ, and then on the local news, and then on the national news with David Muir.

And then we would have to hear months of bull shit debates about and all kinds of controversy all over the radio, television and social media.

And then I would have to double up and try increasing my already self imposed isolation from all media and these fucking retards that want everyone to know that they think and hate you for not caring or supporting or thinking the way they do.

Why is it so bad to tell people?........"I don't give a shit about your issues or problems."
depends on what the state laws are,
wally employees have no legal authority, they can ask,
BUT.....if they believe you have unpaid for items, they do have the right to detain you , but not touch you, unless you get physical with them.
police.... can detain you ,have right ask for ID, search your person,(not your car) (unless crime has been committed)

why wouldn't you just show the the receipt? makes your day much simpler, and less strenuous.

beside. wally world only hires 80+ yr old people, and so what if they did touch you ? ( you might like it)
o) give that mfer some sweet chin music bc no one disturbs me while I'm buying GN hot wheels :D
Whatever you do, make a you tube video. If you're lucky you'll get tasered a few dozen times and in the end come out a few $million$ ahead courtesy of Wal-Mart and the local municipality.
Play the victim!! It's the modern american dream!

Just don't Fack it up like Smollet did......
hip toss then pin him for the fall
make sure he's ok then ask if he wants to defer
Whatever you do, make a you tube video. If you're lucky you'll get tasered a few dozen times and in the end come out a few $million$ ahead courtesy of Wal-Mart and the local municipality.
Play the victim!! It's the modern american dream!

Just don't Fack it up like Smollet did......

There's a foolproof plan if there ever was one...... ;)...........
I was in the Hamden Walmart yesterday, if you don't want to be checked just hide behind the wall of fat mamas on your way out. :cool:

Got that tip from Chuck. ;):p

Actually the security guy wasn't 80, was big, and didn't care, didn't see him check anyone for a receipt. Best Buy usually checks if they don't see you go through the registers which are usually right in front of them.
Personally I would just show the receipt and be on my way. The other option could be to ask them to accompany you to the return counter and return everything (receipt needed of course) and ask for your money back. More time, but would probably get your point across. Unfortunately there probably is so much shoplifting it has become a reasonable payback or installing fear into people to perform this inconvenience to us. I vote show the receipt, if it stops/slows shoplifting, it helps keep prices down for the honest people I believe we are on this board. With many bags are they going to go through the bags and count verify items? I haven't been checked at a Wal-Mart lately here in NWFL (North West FL) at least not lately. Sam's has open carts and visually just does an item count, and seems to me I don't get checked too hard. Guess that is white privilege if you want to bring in the MAGA aspect.
In Texas there is a law in the CCP called “preventing the consequences of theft”. Merchants are allowed to search and detain if they have reasonable suspicion to believe a theft of property has occurred. Will people today even listen to a security guard or store employee? No. Most stores for those who work in retail have a hands off no interference with shoplifting policy due to liability if someone gets injured. Walmart is one of the few that actually have loss prevention. So, if you refused I doubt anything but verbal harassment would take place as you walk to your car and load the groceries. They would call the police with your license plate and you may get a visit at home hours later to get a “criminal trespass” barring you from the store. If you return they would call the police and you would be arrested in Texas, but Texas is an example of a strong property rights state (you can kill someone legally for vandalism of your property at night) so most states probably aren’t as strict.