Ideas for a 5yr anniversary.


Serious question. 5yr anniversary coming up. Will do the dinner thing. Need to do something else special. Will get tons of crazy ideas like "buy her a GN" or "take her to the nationals". :smile: My brain is blank....need some realistic ideas.
Howbout one of those trips around the Island in a helicopter to see the volcanos? Do they offer those there? I have been wanting to go on one of those trips in Hawaii for a long time but its just too dam far away. I wonder how much they cost?
I would say take her to Hawaii but, you're there. Take her to Disneyland. Diamonds are easy, not cheap but, easy.
Thought of the Helo idea. She does not like them. Got her a new diamond ring a few months ago. I am just a poor enlisted military guy. She is going to school full time so we don't have any time to take a long trip. Looking for a day ...maybe weekend thing.
Well I know a guy at work that's been married for 25+ yrs and he said he took his wife to the river and camped out for their anniversary.:eek: I liked to have busted a gut because he was SERIOUS.

I just planned a romantic evening at home with candles (fake wine, she doesn't drink, I do.) rose pedals on the floor little music grilled ribeye steaks, salad, rent a movie bought her roses gave her a $100 gift certificate. (Im poor too.:frown:) for our 10yr anniversary...
She went in 1/2 and bought me an Alky kit from Razor.:o I thought I did pretty good. So hey, ya never know.
Get her a limo and have it take her out for a day of gettin all fixed up nails hair and mabye the spa then have it bring her back to pick you up and out to yalls favorite restaurant...