Is my car running too hott!!


Slick 86 T-type
May 8, 2004
OK i can cruise around and it will be at about 180-185 in 90degree weather but if i stop or leave running say at a drive thru for maybe 10-15 mins it gets up to 205-210 then the fans kick on! Im thinking thats too hot but maybe wrong! Any suggestions?
I just run the fan off a HI/LO switch and leave it in the high position all the time. caspers makes a kit for that.
Are the fans on low before it reaches that temp? If not, then something isn't wired right or you have a bad relay.
Low fan relay not working correctly? If you have a burned wire at the starter, one of the relays will not work

Pull the connectors off the relays on the drivers side off, get your meter and check both big fat red wires for 12v positive power, they should always be hot. Check the connections, make sure there isnt too much tar from the original relays seeping from years of abuse.

Reconnect wiring if you have 12v+

Then start the car and get it to 180 or so, TWEAK CHIP IS SET FOR 160° LOW FAN TURN ON normally.

If the fan does not come on and the temp is 180° or so, smack the relays and see if the fan comes on.

Id say your low fan relay isnt getting a signal, or no power, or its bad.

Since the high speed fan relay works, the fan is good, hopefully the connection is too.