It's 2023...A/C Part Numbers PLEASE!!!

I'm trying to replace all of the old lines, hoses, condenser, compressor, and other items on my A/C system. I'm looking for the proper switches intended for pressures associated with r134 refrigerant. I've managed to obtain all but the following:

1. New Condenser
2. Switch attached to the receiver/dryer
3. Switch in the lines (three wire) near the compressor
4. Switch in the back of the compressor (secured with snap ring)

I acquired the following items this month from the following vendors:
1. Compressor (Car Quest box) and Receiver/Dryer -
2. New stainless lines -
3. Spectra Condenser part # 7-4013 - Amazon (DID NOT FIT)

Hopefully, this listing will help others in the future as more of these necessary components dry up for our cars. Thank you all!

I go with these people and rockauto for the stuff I need. but as you are finding just because they say it fits doesn't mean it does . so knowing what you need certainly helps. lots of ac threads here and on other boards to see about the stuff you might want to get.
Got all my parts from Highway Stars. Compressor, switches, etc. Got my hoses re-done locally.

As for the Spectra condenser, mine fit fine I just had to tweak the lines just a touch. Placed the chincy feet in the factory pads.