Just had the big bang :(


Yes Its fast no you can't
May 26, 2001
I was giving the car hell as always, oil pres good no nosie at all from the engine. driving along out of no where it went tick tick bang !!!!! locked up tight . No joke this happened in 2-3 sec total as I would have shut it down right away if I even thought I heard rod knock. Well it is 100% locked up starter will just click. Fron just looking not taking anything apart yet there is a outward dent in the oil pan. Just we know a rod let go:(

Guess this is the perfect time to make it faster.
heah I guess I will head out to the bank and then down to anderson's
That happened to a friend like 10 years ago. Was puling out of a light and it stalled. Locked solid. It was brought to my shop where I assumed since the motor was fresh, that the pump in the trans locked. Sent it to a trans shop who pulled the trans, nope, motor was locked. He is on this board as mkazigian, and the car was way ahead of its time (read: had big $ into it)

Sucks dude, sorry to hear.
OUCH! We did an engine swap 2 weeks ago fo a guy who was driving to the shop to drop off the car and he broke a rod cruising, trashed the whole engine, busted the block, crank and a couple pistons.

No PM sent.....:D