KC - whose gonna be fast this year?

Eric Stage I

TurboTweak Guy
May 25, 2001
Anybody doing any cool mods over the winter? Anyone else searching for 10's? or 11's?
I'm lookin to get my fast system tuned in, and a roll bar put in, and try like hell to catch up to Joe Reif (and most likely Bryan).

Looking to push the GN into the 11s with stock turbo and IC, needs a tranny right now. See ya at the track. :D
I hope to go much faster with My ford intercooler and Brians Te44.
i also am getting direct scan. Need to save up for alky. I have no idea how fast but hopefully 11's with some help from you Turbo buick guys. Hope they don't close KCIR.
hey eric
i tried to get the fast system too,.. but it was no longer on sale..

so ,now im just gonna spend that money and follow what red armstrong says works best.. ive been running reds parts on my limited and it pretty much hauled azz for a 3600 # car, pretty much stock..

here are the new parts for the limited
LT70, big ported-oringed iron heads, webber roller 206/206, and some bigger injectors, and double pumper. forged pistons and girdled block..
the suspension has the WOLF RACE CRAFT rear single sway bar, adj uppers, adj lowers,got to buy rear springs and new shocks
the TTA is getting a pt54, 9/11 convertor, 206/206, ported heads, and the 50's from the limited.. thats only 3000.00 bucks worth of parts ;)

with these combos,.. i think each car will be streetable, and haul butt at the track... both cars will dip into the 10's but im not sure how deep the #'s will be..
i wont trailer them, and wont put in a roll bar. im sure i will be doing alot of 1/8th mile passes and let out.. look for alot of 12 oh's and letting out half track...
i hope to beat my goals this year..6.50 in the 1/8th with the limited

any cool mods this winter? ohh yeah!!
i hope to get the limited done for the nationals,... but ive been slackin for too long... guess i will get on the ball and git er dun!
tracks are soon to open in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MO KAN dragway.. its sunday feb 3rd
its located 15 minutes from pitt state...
i havent decided, but i sure am wanting to go racing soon!!!

AOL IM turbov6bryan
MoKan may be closing?????
We went there once with the purple race truck! I met some very nice Chevy people there and they were very nice even though they were beat by a Ford Truck:D

mo kan is not closing
our hometown track KCIR is closing down real soon
its all up in the air where the new track is going to be built,.. probably out by our airport.
ive never been to mokan- is it a good track?
It wasn't when we were there but I guess they have done some work. The burnout box was full of HUGE holes that you had to stop between b4 the burnout. Broken concrete would tear tires if you weren't careful BUT it was a 1/4 mile and hooked good for a tiny track!

Its not bad, thats where I ran my 12.61 on Nittos. The right lane is a little bumpy for some reason. The shut down area and back road sucks.......a lot of chips on my nice 1/4 panels are because of that track........cya guys there Sunday the 3rd?? If you need a place to crash or to party, Im 15 minutes away.
Like I said before, your car should have NO problem running in the 10's at 125 mph with that combo and a GOOD HARD LAUNCH. Think about it, you have a larger/better turbo, better heads, better block, better fuel management, bla bla bla. If I went
123 mph with a 1.69 short time (really bad traction at KCIR) with big valve OE heads, OE block,
OE fuel management, and a 63-1 turbo,, then you should easy go 125 mph with a hook...I'm sure of it! Your ET is all a result of your crappy short time. With your combo as well as mine, 1 tenth drop in 60', is good for 2-3 tenths drop in ET.
So take your 1.9x with a 11.6x ET and re-equate that like it should be....1.5x (just a good hook) equals a 10.8x pass, a drop of .4 in your short time is the same as dropping at least .8 seconds in your ET...see...there ya go, an easy 10 second pass:) I'll have my tranny back in this comming Friday, maybe a dyno day Saturday???
Thats sounds good to me. I've got to stop being lazy and start paying attention to the details. I think I may need to switch to some 28" tall tires from my 26" et streets. I know you've had good luck with hoosier qtp. I think I'll get some of those. Maybe I can find someone to buy my et streets.
I called Star Chassis, and they said they would do the bar for $1000, but they can't get me in till June :eek: !
I've never been to a dyno. Is there anything I need to prepare for? I've read that they do the run in 3rd gear. How do you keep it from downshifting?
This should be fun!

Star has a LONG list of folks waiting to get their bar done....but well worth the wait IMO. As far as the dyno is concerned, nothing to prepare for other then race gas and a good state of tune. We put them in 3rd and run it to about 55 mph and it doesn't downshift, at least on my car it doesn't.
My poor Ford's Performance

Uh I plan on being fast. But no regals as of yet I have some possiblility's but nothing concrete. I have the Diesel relined out shooting for 13 Second slip the LP is going back on alot of adjustments are being made in March in Bowling Green KY on the Dyno should hit 350HP and 725TQ on Straight NO 2 Diesel no LP oh and on propane should be over 400 and over 800 again! I know I should be talking Buicks but oh well! Hey Joe we missed you at the dyno last weekend! The Lightning (if it ever hooks) Should go 12's should make 400HP with good gas and alot more timing.

Howdy all,
Well, the GN is back up and flying if I may say so myself!:) Bryan and I popped it back in last week as well as the new 3800 rpm stall 9/11 converter to top off the new tranny. I actually drove the car in to his house from Paola last Friday to put some miles on it. I had about 5 gallons of 112 left in the tank from last year, so just to be safe, I turned the boost down to 20 psi just in case it went bad/weak over the winter. I also installed a power plate and my dad's old OE plenum and sold my Accufab to a guy in Canada. Let me tell ya what, on the way home I was running out of fuel, so I stopped and put 6 gallons of 91 in with the remaining112 (maybe 2 gallons at best). I turned the boost down to 16 psi and made some highway passes....no KR at all.
I then continued to turn it back up to 20 psi with just a fuzz of KR at the shift points with the water down race gas. NEVER before could I run that much boost on let's say about 100 octane after the mixture before the power plate:) I am throughly inpressed with the job that stupid little plate made to the fuel equalization, my EGT was even less at WOT! I had the fuel pressure at 42 psi static, and put in some new UR5's to replace the fouled out ones I had in it from last season. If you havn't yet already thought about buying a PP, I would get one...they really seem to help! With the new tranny/converter my car pulls SO DAMN HARD I was hanging on for dear life trying to keep her straight on the ****ty back country roads I live off of, and that's with just a measly 20 psi. I cannot wait to get some fresh 112 this week at KCIR and see what she'll do??? Actaully, if Bryan uses my rig to pick up his new project car, I might have to wait untill the following week to stretch the GN's legs at the track. If I ever had a goot feeling about running some consistant 10 second time slips...it's this year for sure. Lonnie Diers messed around with some things in the valve body that makes the trans brake hit SO hard and quick, that it kinda feels like a BAt Brake in sorts. In the past the car kinda just lundged out of the gate; now it freak'n slams out like a banshee:) Thsi should be a goot thing to shock the slicks for better traction! Along with all the other crap I did over the winter, I found a BAD short from the fusable link that was casuing bad popping problems (shorting out), this gremlin was there for over a year:( Now the motor pulls nice and smooth, kinda like a jet engine IMO. It's amazing how many problems something as stupid as a short can cause:( With that in mind, I'll stop writing this book and continue to roam through the rest of the threads. Take care all and we'll see ya at KCIR this year. BTW, keep your eyes open for an ugly ass green TR running around...this car should be a flying SOB when we're done with it, not to mention a TOTAL sleeper in every sense of the words. Later.
Ozark International is running 1/4 mile this year, but no slicks. Drag radials are ok. I don't know what to expect, because I have never ran 1/4 mile before. New head work, balance, decking, and some other stuff should make a nice difference.
Hope to have new conbo together

Well, I have all the pieces, just need the time to get them all into the car. A new 9X11 plus the new tranny I had built for the GN I had sold. I might have to get Bryan involved with some of the install on the goods I have. (Eh Bryan, Maybe buddy) The new combo is in the sig below. Hope it will net some mid 11's on 21-23 lbs. of boost.