KevinW25645 goes 11.05 with new 6265e



Just letting some guys know that Kevin went 11.05 @124 with his new Billet 6265e turbo pushing 23-24 lbs. As soon as he gets a little better 60' it will be 10's easy. This was his second time out with the new turbo under good conditions. He broke his posi last week or might have had a 10 sec run then. I know some guys are asking for results from the new turbos, so this is good.

109 bored .03
DLS polished heads with roller rockers
stock crank and rods
210-215 roller
Billet 6265e
Stock plenum and 62mm TB
BIG PTE Stock Location intercooler
Janis 200 with Manual trans brake
Billet 3200 convertor N/L
60# INJ
Razor's ALKY

Just imagine if he gets his 60' down. His 11.01 was a 1.8 something. He should be 1.45 to 1.5. That gives him a half second on the big end.