Multiple issues with PL and SMg


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I'm having multiple issues with PL and SMG I just installed. First the PL and the SMG are not communicating. I updated the SMG, but during the boot up process it says PL version 0.0. Also my wide band reading on the AEM gauge reads 4-5 points lower than what is displayed on the PL data. The PL is pegged out at 19 on the "WB AFR" display, at idle, but when it starts up it'll read close to what the gauge reads,then pegs out. I have AEM selected on wideband drop down menu. Also the PL made 8,935 logs all at 2kb, when i tried to log a WOT pull. Any help would be appreciated!
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Most of the issues have been solved, thanks to Eric for helping me out. Now the SM readings are all over the place..