My billet TA block on Methanol/E85 w/ 160lb injectors and a Gen2 'street' car build.

Sweet build Bud. You are gonna have one bad mamma there.


Thanks man. Right now I'm waiting for the block to be finished and then to grab my suspension from the powdercoating place, and drop off some stuff to get anodized.

Hopefully in a month or so I'll be able to bring it down to Dutt's for assembly.
Went to my buddies this weekend and played around with a bunch of parts.

My new Varishock QS2 double adjustable rear shocks came in, and my buddy gave me a 4" MAF pipe that I can use with the new 4" MAF sensor I picked up from Full Throttle today. Really happy to find a nice 4" piece that will allow for great airflow to the turbo with no restrictions.

Also picked up some stuff from my MAC guy. My 2nd 1/2" cordless impact gun. 1200ft lbs of breakaway torque, 750lbs of fastening torque. The 3/8" gun is 275ft lbs of breakaway torque.

We also got bored and decided to compare some original GN1 heads that were unported with my new fully ported GN1's. Here are some pics for those that would like to see-

Thickness of the decks:

Intake port comparison:

Exhaust ports:

Here are some pics of the new Cotton's FMIC I picked up as well. These are some comparison shots against the Tony DeQuick CAS V2 that I have. Thought you guys might find it interesting to see the difference in size with them next to each other.... and yes, I know you're jealous of my epic coloring skills on my hoverboard :p

Also, I figure since there are a fair amount of people looking at this thread, I have the following items I am looking to sell:

1) an extra set of SC&C double adjustable upper control arms with Howe Extra Tall ball joints and the NASCAR screw-in style ball joint option. They have the Extra tall ball joints for your lower control arms as well, and the progressive rate jounce bumpers. They were mounted on a car once and then taken off. Looking for $550obo +shipping and fees..

2) Extreme Automatics Stage 2 tranny. I bought this years ago, put it in the car and drove it 15 miles to my Mom's house, and then took it out and it has been sitting ever since. This trans already has braided lines put on it and is basically brand spankin' new. A new Stage 2 goes for $2,700+shipping/fees. I am looking for $2,450+shipping OBO. This is the same thing you would buy from Lonnie, except you can keep your core, and save yourself some money and the wait.

3) My LA Enterprise Billet crank. Wide journal, 3.625 stroke. For those that know, this is one of the baddest cranks ever made for these cars. Second only to the Crower. I am selling this because, well, I have a Crower and I don't need it. Looking for $1,800+shipping/fees OBO.

4) 109 block bored .040 over and machined for a girdle. I do not have the caps or girdle for this. Looking for $250+shipping/fees OBO. This would be a perfect backup block for those looking to push a 109 hard, and save yourself the cost of machining the block for a girdle since this one has the machine work already done to it.

5) Double roller timing chain. Came from a Comp cam kit. I dunno... $80? plus shipping and fees...

Please email me at or shoot me a text at 707 362 6030 if you are interested in any of it. I live in Cali so those on the East Coast don't need to worry about calling too late.

So I have some updates on everything...

1) The TA blocks arrived at TA this weekend. They should be starting the final machining later this week, so hopefully by next week I should have the new block in my hands!

2) I believe I was able to sell my old transmission to a friend. Once I pick up a 200r4 core that a buddy is letting me have, I will be sending that off to Janis Transmissions to get a complete billet build, good for 1000hp in a 200r4.

3) My front suspension parts that have been at the powdercoating place for who knows how long now, are slowly being finished. Once those are done, I will be heading up to install them on my car and also to replace the entire rear suspension with all the new parts.

4) I ordered a 4" MAF sensor from Full Throttle for the new 4" MAF pipe, which will take care of the intake pipe, and be one less thing to worry about.

5) The new WORK Turbochargers 300SXE with billet 69mm compressor wheel and 68mm turbine wheel should be here within a week or two. The housing has been completely polished, so it should look really nice under the hood!

Things are slowly but surely starting to come together!
How much does the bare block with the caps weigh ??

The whole box with all packing material was about 110lbs. There is probably 5-10lbs of packing material in the box, so I would say the block weighs around 95-100lbs.

They claim that this block offers somewhere between 30-50lb weight savings from the 109.
They told me they had 3 off center left. I guess it's 2 now!! What compression ratio are you building your motor? My plan is an E-85 build also thinking 10 1/2:1 or maybe 11:1.
They told me they had 3 off center left. I guess it's 2 now!! What compression ratio are you building your motor? My plan is an E-85 build also thinking 10 1/2:1 or maybe 11:1.

Oh wow! That is crazy that they have sold that many already!

Do you know how many On center they have left?

You gonna run E85 too? Nice man! If you need a hookup on any new fuel system stuff, lemme know. I get a lot of stuff from Kinsler Fuel Injection and they typically hook it up on the price for me and I'd be happy to pass that hookup along.

I will probably be going 9.5 or 9.75:1 That is what Duttweiler, who will be building my motor, recommends to run.

The problem with running higher compression like you are talking about is that the tuning window and room for error becomes less and if you screw up on your tune you have way less of a chance of the motor being safe than if your CR was a little less.

What type of ECU are you going to run?
Well this is probably going to be at least a 3 year build for me. House, kids, other projects. TA said they had more on centers left they don't sell as fast as the off centers. I plan on running a Fast XFI.