Out of the blue, the stars aligned and I was able to make it to the track tonight...car has been sitting untouched through the winter. Didn't even blow the cobwebs off...ha-ha.

Two passes in and have run a 15.25 spinning with an awful 2.28 60ft. Waiting for a track cleanup and going to try and get it to hook up.
Great read, I've not been on the board in quite some time and decided to do some digging after changing up my nitrous combo this week. I just upgraded to the Nitrous Outlet Stinger plate and pilled it for 250hp, it didn't like it so I came looking for info on distrubutor setups and timing #'s etc. Looks like i'll be locking the mechanical advance, leaving the vacuum advance functional, setting the base at @20 degrees and dropping the 200 pills in over the 250's for now. My best with old super powershot setup jetted for @165 based on calculations has been a 1.68 60ft with a 8.38 1\8th mile.
15.12 was the best I could muster on Friday. I just sourced some aluminum rear drums, and am going to do the first "real" weight reduction on the car by pulling the bench seat and installing a single poly bucket seat. I am so close to a 14 second pass N/A, but don't have the money at the moment to really put more "power parts" in it. I would really like to find some roller rockers for it. It runs well with the 500cfm 2 barrel, but thinking of trying a 450cfm tunnel ram carb, but those stinkers have really gone up in price!
Very impressive. Your running the same times I did with my 85 t with exhuast a k&n and 14 psi.
Very impressive. Your running the same times I did with my 85 t with exhuast a k&n and 14 psi.

Thanks 85tr...it is a pretty no-nonsense combo built pretty cheap. These parts are a dime a dozen for the most part. It looks like you have improved your combo a bit since running that 15 second quartermile! That is my problem now...to do much more it starts to get exponentially more expensive....doesn't it always?
That was back in 2001 I've had the car a long time. But I did spend two years looking for my first 14 second pass, with a turbo! It was a 14.96 @ 90.1. Your build makes me want to buy an na for a daily and build it a bit. I owned an 83 3.8 at 16 and that's how I found out about the turbo buicks. Miss that car still.
Past the 13.0 mark it was just my trans that gave me issues. Now that I think I'm making 11 sec power it is again a problem. So yes money, then more than you thought it would take.
The only things I would change for a daily driver would be a touch smaller cam and an overdrive trans. I say go for it...it is easy to spend other people's money, right?
Thread resurrection...I have been working slowly on seemingly insignificant things. Put a new headliner in and finally welded up a seat frame for a poly bucket seat. I want everything to look stock on the surface of the interior, but with some weight saving tricks underneath. My dad had a spare set of A Body Skylark belts so the stock seat belts and retract mechanisms are gone. I bought an HVAC block off plate but I have a lot on my plate at the moment...Needs some paint too! Figured I would share some pics.


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My dad took the car to the track last night...couldn't make it with family duties. The report was finally a 14.93 at 90mph...still running a humble 2 barrel. 60' improved, but could probably benefit from some smaller throttle bores to help torque. All in all, I am pleased and will keep chiseling away.
Congratulations on your 14 second run. I was wondering what happened to this build. Glad to see your still working at it.
I may be slow to do anything productive on it, but the car is never going to be sold or permanently parked....couldn't get anything for it anyway, and has too many "loaned" parts/labor on it from my dad, haha.
I can't believe it has been almost 5 years since I posted here!! The car isn't dead...actually got it painted last year and contemplating putting a 2004R in it and dropping the rear gear to cruise it more. My favorite local track closed down.


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