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Please know I'm not knowledgable about turbo cars yet, especially hot air cars.

I'm sure most people in here will know the answer...

When I get on it pretty heavy or floor it, I get a slight "clackety-clack" sounding noise from the motor when the turbo really spools up. I'm bone stock, no mods yet. 60k miles, rebuilt turbo, 160 degree thermostat.
The noise will stop completely when I let off the gas a bit.
My first guess: detonation. I'm running 91 octane.
Yes I'll go and grab the scan master and things like that, but money is an issue right now. Knowing what can cause detonation and knowing it's not because my intake charge is too hot, this leads me to believe that (A) it's not getting enough fuel for the boost, or (B) spark advance is off. I'm going to buy the Haynes or Chilton's manual and change the O2 sensors first. Perhaps upgrading the fuel system would help but I'm flying blind right now.
It is most likely Knock....When my car was bone stock running 8psi of boost I was seeing ALOT of Knock.

Change the Pump, add a Hot-Wire kit, Fuel Filter, and a regulator, and you should be able to tune out some of the knock!
start with the basics

put a fuel guage on the rail and run it to the windshield.

make sure your FP is steady at idle,
should be in the mid to high 30s

when boosting make sure your fp goes up 1 pound for every pound of boost you have

if u dont have a boost guage you should pick one up

is your fp isnt rising, it could be an old fuel pump or bad regulator or a clogged fuel filter

dont push your car too hard to figure out your source of knock !:)

Make sure the waste gate hoses are connected to the little "T" on the turbo, the waste gate actuator and the waste gate solenoid.

Next by pass the solenoid by connecting a rubber tube from the "T" on the turbo straight to the back fitting on the waste gate actuator.

Use an air hose to make sure 10 psi of air pressure applied to the waste gate actuator actually moves the rod. Have seen them not move until 40 psi which is not good.

What does your boost gage read when it goes clackety-clack ?

Make sure you get an knock gage and learn how to avoid making you car go clackety-clack
The stock useless boost guage always shows 3 leds lit up and never changes, so i think the guage doesn't work, cause the turbo is defnitely spooling and the engine pulls pretty hard. I figured it out though. When the turbo really spools up she blows smoke out the pipes when the knocking is heard, so it's clearly burning the oil, which is causing the knocking. The smoking just recently started. Time for a rebuild, I guess.:(