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I have question on a OG code trans (tag 247 2T82OG1790)

I plan on putting this trans in a 70 Camaro 383 cid Sportsman heads, 292 duration cam and 4.10 gears.I hoping for 375-400hp and 400-450 ft lbs. I got this trans for free it has been rebuilt (has been sitting for a while). My questions are can this trans take this power if sound at least for awhile?. What exactly should I do to it to help to survive(please be specfic newbie). I would really like one of Bruce's tranny's but I have to finish other things on the car first.

P.S. please do not hate me because I own a CAMARO at least it is not a Red 69 :D

TIA Mike
No offense but....

Do yourself a favor and do not use the og. You will not be happy:(

And this...
"P.S. please do not hate me because I own a CAMARO at least it is not a Red 69 ".................is friggin hilarious... you have read my stuff before I see.....LMAO!!!:D
So what good is this trans then ? should I use this as a core ? or just toss it back in the junk pile.

I can get a 87 GN trans from the local auto trader for $500.00 is this a good/bad price? I have know idea what kind of shape it is in though , have not called yet.
Here is a list of tags for cores

1983 = 3BR
1984 = 4BQ
1985 = 5BQ
1986 = 6BR
1987 = 7BR

These should be the tag# for the t-type, turbo t and the GN.

Other factory perfromance 200-4r's could be:
Monte Carlo SS: either CQ or CZ
Hurst Olds: OZ or KZ
Who rebuilt the unit and what do you know about it? I would aleast keep it for spare parts or a core. If you are gonna chuck it let me know. Free is the right price for me. :) Seeing that you are also in CT, when you have the cash I would get in touch with Joe B. for a 200-4R that will hold up. I see that your combo is similar to mine, but you have a little more duration cam and deeper gears. And mine is a Chevelle :D :D

blackplague , thanks for the codes that will make hunting for a good core/trans easier

KEhrhardt , I know absolutely nothing about this trans . It was sitting in the bed of a beat truck at my friends house , aleast it was covered cover up. It was clean with no grease on it (could not have been run long)and sprayed with silver paint. I will let know what I am going to do with it. :)

I have seen Joe.B's name on Bruce's site how do I get in touch with him when I am ready for a rebuild?. Does he have a shop or does he do it on the side?.

Thanks Mike
I talked with Joe tonight and...

Olds442s@aol.com is Joes email.
Also you can private message him through here. You can also reach him through us. That might be the best bet as I talked with him tonight and he has had some serious medical problems with his daughters. I feel so bad for the girls. One had a seizure from illness and then day or so later older one smashed hand in a door so bad they had to reattach a finger. Poor girls and I know Joe is really having a nasty emotional bad time. It hurts so bad when the little ones are in pain. If you want to speak to him in the next few days , call our shop, and I will put you in touch.
Thanks and I am sure you all understand. Let's hope they ( The Burkharts) all are doing better next week. :)

Thanks for the info Bruce , I hope everthing works out ok for Joe an his family.It really sucks when the little one's are hurting.

I will try to call on Thrusday or Friday (what is the best time). I am in no real rush as the car is still in piece's and have a lot of body work left.(it is great living in the northeast :mad: ). I am just trying to get everything together so everything goes as smooth as possible. :)

Thanks Mike

It is ok for you. if I am on a machine Mark will take your name and number and I will return. lately, it has been hectic, but when isn't it?
Lemme know.:)